About  Helen

"No amount of skilful invention can replace the essential element of imagination."  -  Edward Hopper

Working from my studio in an old forge in Leicestershire, UK., my work has lately become more abstract. I have long been interested in painting my responses to a place to which I have journeyed, but more recently I have turned more to abstraction and the process of layering and mark-making and the sheer sensuousness of the paint and colour have become a journey to no particular place ; a map of colour and form and the excitement of being lost!


I want paintings to tell a story. We all need stories and have gazed at the clouds and flames  seeing faces and forms for millennia. So my paintings  are not about pattern or symmetry  but nor are the colours and marks totally random for within the layers there are elements of realism which once found, fire the imagination.


Surrounded by airbrushed photographic perfection and computer generated images, painterliness and serendipity have become important to me.So I scrape and scratch  rubbing paint on and off the canvas, until the moment when a shape becomes a form, perhaps a tower, a building, a face or an animal and my story is born. The painting is then finished.

My hope is that by looking at my  paintings, and in different lights, the viewer can find their own stories within the ambiguous spaces of abstraction.

Having graduated in Fine Art, I have continued my practice, exhibiting and selling work from my studio where visitors are most welcome.

If you like my paintings, which are sold from £250 - £500 and would like further information please email :helenjoyce3@icloud.com