Helen Joyce Artist

Paintings of places I have seen from 5 to 5,000 miles from my Leicestershire studio sit alongside figurative work; these are the main preoccupations of my prctice.


Since graduating from the University of Derby in 2002 with a First in Fine Art I have worked intuitvely, using acrylics and mixed media. Surrounded by air brushed photographic perfection and digital imagery my style leans  towards a sketchlike quality and distortion of proportion and colour; evidence of an abandonment to the paint and subject. Often, from the lines of a "blind drawing" of a posed figure I go back to the studio and whilst trying to stay true to those blind lines of disproportion and displacement, I paint what was my reality of the figure within an unreal context. Thus reality is questioned. Within landscape too the reality of form and colour is challenged. This process often yields an exciting dynamic from the unexpected.


Paintings are sized mainly from 70x70cms to 180x180cms.



Exhibitions include:

2018 March - September Derby Royal Hospital

2012 Gallery 107, Burton upon Trent

2011 Gallery No.1, Repton (solo)

2011 La Galleria, Parallax Art Fair,Pall Mall, London

2010 City Gallery Open, Leicester

2010 RBSA Friends Exhibition, Birmingham (highly commended)

2009 DEDA, Derby

2008 Gallery dna, Burton upon Trent (solo)

2007 Abbot Beyne Gallery, Burton upon Trent (solo)

2005 Charnwood Museum and Gallery, Loughborough

2004 Ashfield HQ, Ashby (solo)

2004 Conkers N`tional Forest Visitors Centre

2002 Harborne Gallery, Birmingham


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